Draft Tom Perriello

for Governor of Virginia 

Fellow Virginians,

 In 2013, we will be faced with a choice. Down one road lays a path of extremism and chaos, where Universities are challenged for promoting non-discrimination against Gays, and where Health Care for Everyone is viewed as dangerous. It will fall to Virginia Democrats to be able to nominate a candidate for Governor in 2013 that can both stand up to this extremism and is an electable choice to appeal to mainstream Virginians.

 Fmr. Congressman Tom Perriello is that man. Born in Ivy, Virginia, Perriello was raised to believe in hard-work and faith. After graduating Yale University's School of Law, Periello worked as Special Advisor to the international prosecutor of the Special Court for Sierra Leone. In that capacity, he worked with child soldiers, amputees, and local pro-democracy groups, and helped to prosecute warlords. Perriello started DrafurGenocide.org and has worked as a consultant to the International Center for Transitional Justice in Kosovo, Darfur and Afghanistan. He has also been involved in the peace process in Sierra Leone and Liberia. 

 As a United States Congressman, Perriello helped push for affordable Healthcare and investments to rural energy. Winning election against a six-term incumbent, Perriello fought hard and appealed to many in an Independent, Rural district of Virginia (the 5th Congressional District). We believe Perriello's experience suits him to both challenge and defeat the Republican nominee for Governor in 2013. 

 Take the time to watch the video on the left and to advocate for Mr. Perriello to run for Governor in 2013 by signing our petition


                                                                                       Draft Tom Perriello